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Welcome to Rita’s plaza

Winton, Australia       Rita 2004

The plaza is about the things I am interested in....to tell you about where I found my places  in the world:

Australia - since my first visit I am in love with this great country

Music - I love many kinds of music, let me introduce you to my favourite artists

Travelling -  It is always exciting to pack the bags for a new trip, even if it is only for a weekend just around the corner. I am planning to write a short description about each of my travels. Stay tuned, and come back again

Photography - It is great to take photos, just to refresh the memory of the places I have visited!!!

A little bit about me:

I live in the Rhine - Main - area in Germany.

I have been happily married to Peter for more than 30 years now.

What else? I don’t want to bore you. Have a look around my site, and you’ll get to know me.

Please visit Rita’s plaza again soon. I will continue working on the site. Here you can check for changes on the pages.

Copyright Rita 2007

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